1. Michael Bister

    Here is one of my best practices with Flare:

    If you have multiple (software) products to maintain, build up a master project that contains all content that all your documentation projects use: Main stylesheet, table style definitions, page layouts, master page, basic target definitions, variable set, glossaries, basic snippets, template topics, and images of all this standard stuff like OK, Cancel, or Help buttons. Tag all ‘Master’ stuff with a conditional tag.
    In the product documentation project, use an import file to import all ‘Master’ tagged content into your product documentation project.
    Maintain the ‘Master’ content in the master project, then re-import changes into the product documentation projects.

    Regarding TOCs, our best practice is to only use a seperate TOC for a document if it needs an individual structure of content. We always try to use the same TOC for multiple documents if their content and structure is nearly the same. We additionally use conditional tags to exclude/include content if necessary. This helps to reduce maintenance efforts.

    Example: Our Online Help and User Guide typically contain the same content. If we used a separate TOC for each one, we’d have to put new content into two TOCs seperately when a new version of the software is released. But as both documents are created from the same TOC, we just have to put the new content in one TOC and apply the appropriate conditional tags, if necessary.

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