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Your content efforts shouldn’t fall on deaf ears. Whether you’re building an evergreen SEO strategy, capitalizing on major trends, or building out a new content series, reach and engagement are critical to business success.

Join Matter founder Bobbie Johnson, Slack’s Head of Marketing Kelly Watkins, Reddit’s Head of Brand Strategy Joe Federer and Intercom’s Editor in Chief John Collins as they discuss the tools and techniques they use to anticipate high-engagement content. Using examples from past campaigns, they show how they identify patterns of virality and distribution in order to increase top-of-funnel reach and engagement.

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Check out Interview with Rob Hanna of Precision Content by ditawriter. Here is an excerpt:

Sometimes it seems like you have to travel far in order to meet your neighbours. I had that experience recently went I went to the STC conference in Washington, D.C., and got reacquainted with “Single Sourceror” Rob Hanna of Precision Content, who lives in the same city that I do (Toronto)….

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We all want a web that’s more flexible, responsive, and ready for new devices. There’s only one little flaw: Our content is stuck in the past. Locked into inflexible pages and documents, our content is far from ready for today’s world of APIs, read-later services, and responsive sites&much less for the coming one, where the web is embedded in everything from autos to appliances.

We can’t keep creating more content for each of these new devices and channels. We’d go nuts trying to manage and maintain all of it. Instead, we need content that does more for us.

This webcast will get you started by showing you how to:

Stop thinking of content in terms of pages and documents and start breaking it down according to its meaning, message, and purpose
Give your legacy content the structure and metadata it needs for responsive design, APIs, and multi-device experiences
Edit and refocus your content&for mobile users and for everyone else, too
Identify the organizational roadblocks and fears about change that create barriers to making this shift

About Sara Wachter-Boettcher

Sara Wachter-Boettcher is an independent content strategist based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where she helps clients stop creating endless content and start building strategies that are sustainable, meaningful, and future-ready.

She got this way after stints as a journalist, copywriter, and web writer, during which she became increasingly dissatisfied with the chaos typically found in web content projects. In 2008, she launched the content strategy practice at her past agency, Off Madison Ave, and started working closely with IA and UX teams to build a better way forward.

Sara is the editor in chief for A List Apart magazine, where her writing has also appeared. She also contributes to Contents and blogs sporadically on her personal site, You can see where she’ll be speaking next on Lanyrd.

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Check out What’s exercising your brain at the moment? by Sarah Maddox. Here is an excerpt:

What are you thinking about at the moment? My recent musings are on the usefulness of technical communication skills to other people. By that I mean that people other than technical writers would benefit from learning core technical communication skills.

For example, organising information into…

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Karen McGrane says there are a lot of content management systems that “look like a database got drunk and vomited all over the screen.” Designers can do better, McGrane insists. “We can fix this.”

McGrane gave her talk, “Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content” at Hot Studio on Nov. 13, 2012.

The event was held in conjunction with the Bay Area Content Strategy Meetup Group. McGrane, known for her sardonic wit and sincerity, drew a large crowd, many of whom asked her to sign her book, “Content Strategy for Mobile.”

How can we design for content in a way that anticipates a world of an ever-growing number of digital devices in various shapes and sizes?

For McGrane addressing the problem means taking the content creator seriously, putting more emphasis on the non-public-facing, non “glamourous” side of the digital world: Content Management.

She calls for treating content creators like users, designing, testing and building systems that work for them as well as “the robots” so that the meaning doesn’t get lost in translation.

To learn more about Karen McGrane and how to get her book, visit or follow her on Twitter: @karenmcgrane

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