This panel discussion moderated by Byron White, Chair of the Content Marketing Conference and CEO of WriterAccess featured Laura Pepitone, Global Translation Manager for WriterAccess and a native of Holland, Amit Vyas, CEO of Nexa based in Dubai, and Josh Steimle, CEO of MWI based in Hong Kong.

The panel title was “How to Craft a Global Content Strategy” with this description from the conference website: “Whether you’ve got international clients or aspire to jump over the pond and beyond, content marketing is the gateway for success wherever your journey takes you, near and far. This session will provide the tactics and insights on which your business should formulate its international content marketing strategies. We’ll review the classic pitfalls that can cost you time, and money. From increased search engine visibility to direct and targeted lead generation, you’ll learn how to create high quality global content that can have the kind of impact that simply wasn’t available to organizations in the past.”

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How to make videos for business // The Top 3 Types of videos you need to be creating for your business, to see the highest ROI. I’ll break down your video content strategy in this video, to help you save yourself time and resources in creating high value video content for your target audience.

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The original video is available here.
In the last few years there has been a dramatic shift from outbound to inbound marketing strategies. With this huge change, small businesses need to take on a content dense approach to marketing.

So in this week’s episode of Office Hours, Mike presents 4 questions to ALWAYS ask yourself before putting together a content marketing strategy as he answers the question, “What is a content strategy?”

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Check out How I write roundup posts and articles by Scott Nesbitt. Here is an excerpt:

A woman typing on a laptop

Over the last few months, I’ve been writing a number of roundup articles for Writing those articles has been a great way to contribute to the site, to learn something new, and to share what I’ve learned with the readers of

Writing roundup articles and posts…

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Check out survey by Bill Swallow. Here is an excerpt: currently (as of writing this post) has eight courses and over 2,700 subscribers. So… How are we doing?

Your feedback will help us refine this free elearning resource and shape future content. The survey should take but a few minutes to complete.

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Whether you…

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