Check out DITA for learning content: The Learning and Training specialization by Simon Bate. Here is an excerpt:

Training organizations can use DITA for learning content. The DITA Learning and Training specialization makes it possible.

Educators and training organizations have been looking for ways to construct modular libraries of content. These information chunks, or learning objects, can then be…

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Check out Answers to Last Questions From 8/10-11 Flare CSS Class by (Neil Perlin). Here is an excerpt:

Hi folks,

Here you go…

Re where else to find the description of the mc commands – download the Flare Styles Guide PDF (see the link in the footer in any Flare help topic). The commands were apparently added recently.

Re the topic popup style customization, covered on pg. 61 of the wokrbook, not…

The full article is available here.

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