Check out Could we use psychometric profiling of users in User Assistance? by Ellis Pratt. Here is an excerpt:

In the How Powerful is Facebook’s Algorithm? (The Inquiry, BBC World Service), quantitative social scientist David Stillwell revealed computers can predict our personalities based on our Facebook activity. So could we use psychometric profiling of users in User Assistance? In a report into…

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Check out Positive, Comparative, Superlative by rogersgeorge. Here is an excerpt:

The rule is that when you compare two things, you use the comparative form (see the Andertoons comic below), and when you select from three or more, it’s called the superlative form.

The kid in the comic has a point. When the word you want has three or more syllables, use more and most with…

The full article is available here.

It can be daunting enough to create or deliver a content strategy, but what happens next? In this clip from Intelligent Content Conference 2016, Matthew Grocki provides perspective for updating and upgrading your content initiatives over time.

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Learn more about Scroll Add-ons for Confluence:

Input on technical documentation comes from many places, but what happens when the developers are working so hard they don’t have time to brief the technical writer?

Tech Writer Marcus explains how Confluence and Scroll Add-ons help manage the technical documentation lifecycle for a project while the developers are hard at work, and how the its simplicity and flexibility can help everything come together right on time.

Learn more about how Confluence and Scroll Add-ons power painless content collaboration:

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What: CoInvent Media Summit 2015 – NYC

When: April 22nd, 2015

Where: Anchin Block & Anchin

1375 Broadway #18, New York, NY 10018

Drafting The Best Content Strategy In A Digital Age

Christine Peterson – Managing Director, Investments @ Initiative Media
David Berkowitz – Chief Marketing Officer @ MRY
Alexandra Lutz – VP, Business Strategy @ Huge
Lyndsey McFail – Web and Social Media Producer @ NBCUniversal, Inc.
Paul Kontonis – SVP, Strategy @ Collective Digital Studio

The original video is available here.

In Zoe Griffin’s 3rd installment of our blogging series we look at how to create a Content Stratagy as well as finding out why it is so important to have a stratagy.

Whether you’re looking to write a business plan, to trade overseas or secure funding to sell your business, Btube covers it all. We’ve got leading industry experts and acclaimed entrepreneurs, who will be sharing their words of wisdom and provide the ultimate ‘how-to videos’ for all your business needs and extra motivation. From short ‘how to’ videos, to inspiring ‘business profiles’ we’ll be covering it all and we’ll even be live streaming some of the UK’s biggest business debates with live interactive web shows!

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The original video is available here.

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