Check out An inside look at DeveloperHub — hosted documentation portals for API docs by . Here is an excerpt:

DeveloperHub is a new publishing platform for API documentation that lets you combine your API reference information with tutorials and other documentation, complete with search, branding, navigation, and other features in a developer portal. In this post, I asked Zaid Daba’een, CEO & Founder of…

The full article is available here.

Check out GUI Information 4.0 Tools: A Proposed Feature Set – Comments – Final Version by [email protected] (Neil Perlin). Here is an excerpt:

This post appeared in the Autumn 2019 edition of the ISTC Communicator.

In my article about a proposed feature set for GUI Information 4.0 authoring tools in the Summer 2019 issue of Communicator, I requested comments and feedback on the subject. I present those comments in this follow-up article…

The full article is available here.

Check out Expanding embedded Swagger UI instances in your docs by . Here is an excerpt:

One challenge with REST API docs, if you’re generating out the reference content using Open API, is how to embed Swagger UI in your docs in a seamless way that doesn’t look like a website within a website. In this post, I explain how to embed a Navigation toggle to hide your sidebar and give…

The full article is available here.

Check out Content strategy pitfalls: best practices (podcast, part 2) by Gretyl Kinsey. Here is an excerpt:

In episode 62 of The Content Strategy Experts podcast, Gretyl Kinsey and Bill Swallow continue their discussion from episode 61 and talk about best practices for planning.

“You need to be mindful about how what you’re doing is going to impact other groups. You can’t just assume they’re going to…

The full article is available here.

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