Check out An announcement you won't want to miss… by [email protected] (Craig Haiss). Here is an excerpt:

I’m excited. (That doesn’t happen often.) Wait a bit, and I’ll tell you why, but first some back story…

A few weeks ago, I was approached by fellow technical writer/blogger (and all around great guy) Arnold Burian. He said he was launching an online community for technical writers and was…

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Check out You should always have a reason when writing by Scott Nesbitt. Here is an excerpt:

A woman sitting at her desk, writing

When I’m coaching or advising new writers, I tell them that they should write every day. Without fail. While I think it’s good advice, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s also incomplete advice.

Simply sitting in front of a keyboard and typing what’s at the top of your head…

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Check out Writing should be uncomfortable by Scott Nesbitt. Here is an excerpt:

A pair of hands on a black laptop

Writing shouldn’t be easy. Writing shouldn’t be free of stress. Writing shouldn’t start with a smile.

Writing should be uncomfortable. Always.

Why do I believe that? If you’re comfortable, you’re not pushing yourself.

If you’re comfortable, you’re not trying as hard as you…

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Check out Two editorial curiosities by Mike Pope<[email protected]>. Here is an excerpt:

I’m on hiatus at the moment (more on that next week), but I did want to break radio silence briefly to note a couple of editorial things that I’ve run across recently.

The first is a variation on the common confusion between rein and reign. For example, people often write reign in when they mean…

The full article is available here.

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