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Discover your customers’ intentions.

Get access to the trends and topics that your customers are searching for so that you can create content that drives results.

Segment and compare your content.

Discover how different groups of content are performing against each other.

Understand gaps in your content strategy.

Map and optimize your content strategy to find opportunities and analyze performance.

Predict the return on creating and improving content.

Forecast and analyze the potential return of optimizing and creating new content.

Measure performance across mobile, local, and content types.

Dive deep and analyze across all channels and content types.

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You don’t have to guess what your customers want. With Conductor, you get access to the trends and topics your customers are searching for.

Improve the content you have, and understand what types of content your customers prefer and what devices they use to consume it.

Our platform makes a sophisticated strategy easy: align your content to key personas along the customer journey.

And spend your time where you’ll get results. Predict the leads, traffic or revenue you’ll earn when you’re deciding what content to create or improve.

Finally, share your results. It’s easy to create reports that show your content’s impact on your business.

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In this session, Adriana Corona, Senior Experience Designer, and Julienne Hadley, Senior Digital Producer, combine their knowledge of usability and project management to illustrate the benefits of establishing a content strategy. Attendees will learn the importance of planning for the creation and governance of useful web content and walk away from this session with a cheat sheet and a brief exercise to get them started.

The original video is available here.

Britta Gustafson
What if U.S. federal agencies decided to reuse and contribute to open source software projects built by other agencies, since agencies often have similar technology problems to solve? And what if they hired technical writers with open source community experience to write documentation for these projects? That would be pretty cool. Also, that’s my work. I'm part of 18F, a digital services consulting team within and for the federal government, and all of our work is open source.
I’ll explain surprising and rewarding aspects of working on documentation in government, through the lens of the cross-agency eRegulations project I’ve been working on. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau started it, our 18F team (in the General Services Administration) adapted it for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, and we’re adapting it for use by two more agencies.
I believe open source software development with good documentation aligns with core values of our government: work by the government belongs to the people, so it should be as transparent as possible, open to input from the people, and reusable by the people. The implementation of those values is the complicated part, of course! I’ll explain how we get stuff done at both the big-picture level (how laws and government economics shape our work) and the day-to-day details (how we work across teams to get useful information online).

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Check out How big should your documentation repo be? by . Here is an excerpt:

How big should your documentation repo be, especially if you have multiple products in your documentation? Although you could put all content into the same repo, it might be easier to have lots of little repos. Jekyll accommodates this architecture quite nicely through gem-based themes.

The full article is available here.

Check out Just in time documentation – some pros and cons by Ellis Pratt. Here is an excerpt:

Bri Hillmer has written two articles on Just-In-Time documentation ( and This is an alternative to what she called Just-In-Case documentation. The idea…

The full article is available here.

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