In this weeks video we will be talking about my workflow on how I create an immense amount of content.
I am talking about how you can get your thoughts, expertise, and knowledge out there at scale! No need to hire a film team, spend any money, or spending an immense amount of time.
I will show you my workflow on how you can create content for all of your social platforms (Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), YouTube and even your website / blog.

The original video is available here.

Learn tips for executing a content strategy so you’re publishing content for your audience consistently and effectively.

Abby Herman is a content strategist, copywriter and content coach for small business owners. She helps creative entrepreneurs and service-based business owners find their online voice so they can get their message out to their audience.

You can find her at:

The original video is available here.

Check out Well-designed user help takes consumer from concerned to confident by tikibird50. Here is an excerpt:

There are a variety of reasons for purchasing a new printer, but a likely one is that your old one has just kicked the bucket, leaving you in a jam with a project awaiting completion. This, of course, means you might be a bit agitated as you head out in search of a replacement.

Before leaving,…

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Check out 5 Essential Skills You Need To Become A Great Technical Writer by IBE Software. Here is an excerpt:

Essential skills for every technical writer

What’s the difference between a great technical writer and a great writer?
Both of them are great writers. But one of them has mastered the key skills required to make almost anyone understand and use almost any product that requires some technical knowledge regardless of their technological…

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Check out DITA Sample Code: Pilot Training Manual for the Mitchell Bomber B-25 by ditawriter. Here is an excerpt:

This has been a project I have been devoting time to for over the past year. It is a DITA-fied version of a full manual, in this case, a vintage, WWII-era pilot’s guide to the B-25 “Mitchell” bomber. You can find all of the DITA source files on GitHub, and there is an additional Markdown-DITA…

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Check out MadCap Flare: Conditional Text 101 by Ivan Walsh. Here is an excerpt:


Conditional text is one of those writing tactics technical writers love to talk about… but never seem to use.

It’s a shame as conditional tagging can save you a lot of time, especially if you have technical documents which share 90% of the content but the other 10% needs to be tweaked for each…

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Check out MS Word: avoiding taboo words and other tricky vocab by Mike Pope<[email protected]>. Here is an excerpt:

As most people discover, there’s a class of writing error that spell check just can’t help you with. Consider these examples:

  • We recommend that the company shit its resources for better output.
  • The event is open to the pubic.

Run these through spell check, and all is well. Only, of course, it’s…

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Check out Should a roadmap be public? by Antti Hietala. Here is an excerpt:

Should you publish a product roadmap or keep it internal? In this post I argue that public is better. I compare vendor roadmaps in the content management industry to show that public is the norm. Once you decide go public there are couple of pitfalls to avoid.

Public is better

Public or private?…

The full article is available here.

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