Business blogging is an essential part of content marketing strategy. Besides, the fact that it is what should fuel your social media content strategy for engagement. If you want people and the search engine to find your business, start blogging. Here are essential tips for you to get started with blogging for your company.

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We’ve found that one of our biggest needs as a green tech company is to be able to clearly communicate about what we’ve created to our customers.

Jen Rey:
High tech and green tech companies like you need communication experts like us. We have an uncanny ability to come up to speed very quickly on leading edge, complicated technology, and then present it to your audiences in a clear, easy-to-understand way.
Carolyn Paynton:
One thing I’ve appreciated so much about Second Star is that they don’t just help me strategize about our communication needs, but they thrive on actually doing the work of executing those strategies.
Jen Rey:
When we come in to help a company like yours, we take a high level, big picture look at your communication needs. This complimentary evaluation helps identify where we should focus to resolve the pain you’re feeling.
Jen Rey:
We’ll look at all the areas of your company, including R&D, Engineering, Customer Service, Internal Support, External Relations, Marketing and Sales. This holistic approach to identifying the Communication Hotspots in your company’s infrastructure helps pinpoint which problems need to be solved.
Jen Rey:
Then we get to work on creating your written or graphic communication pieces.
Kevin Stone:
As an engineer, it’s a huge relief to not have to try to write. I can just focus on doing what I do best, and leave the writing to the professionals.
Carolyn Paynton:
It’s given me real peace of mind knowing that I can count on Second Star as a long term partner to improve our communication.
Jen Rey:
Let us identify your Communication Hotspots with our complimentary evaluation. Whatever communication problems you’re facing, we’re here to help.
Jen Rey:
Just call us at this toll-free number, or click Contact Us on our website. We’re looking forward to communicating with you.

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Videos can supercharge your content marketing strategy and help you dominate online. This video features 10 ideas for how to incorporate video into your existing content marketing efforts so that you can get maximum results with minimum effort.

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10 Ways to Level Up Your Content Marketing Strategy with Video

10 Ways to Use Video:
0:00 Content Marketing Strategy
1:03 Repurpose Text Content
2:09 Film Podcast Episodes
2:54 Feature Customer Testimonials
3:36 Record Product Demos
4:31 Add Video to Emails
4:58 Make a Video Course
5:37 Broadcast Live
7:18 Supercharge Customer Service
8:03 Highlight Company Culture
8:50 Get Music for Your Videos

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Which of the 11 content ideas is your favorite? Link your TikTok page in the comments below so I can follow you!

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The original video is available here.

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