$10K in 10 Days: Unboxing My Viral Content Monetisation Strategy | Hen Kinan, AWeurope 2019

by Arnold Burian

$10K in 10 Days: Unboxing My Viral Content Monetisation Strategy

by Hen Kinan (VP Business Development, SHINEz)

Always wondered how you can make profit JUST by promoting viral content? I bet you even see it throughout your browsing online and think to yourself, “why haven’t I just dipped my toe in yet?”. You’re not alone and that’s the best part. It’s an untouched niche, money literally on the table waiting. Through SHINEz, the first platform of it’s kind, the groundwork is already laid out for you. You choose a viral article from a list of proven, optimised material and work on creatives, then you promote it on any traffic source (in our experience, FB, native and Snap work best). See stats in real time, in a custom dashboard tailored to your needs, and receive access to all of the tools you need in order to optimise your campaigns. Sound familiar?

SHINEz offers a content distribution platform that works directly with big brands and makes it simple and super profitable for media buyers/influencers to promote and to profit off of viral content. If you’re interested in dialing in a new revenue stream on promoting content, don’t miss Hen Kinan at Affiliate World Europe as he goes over proven case studies for you to swipe and cash in on.

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