Post on LinkedIn: 5 tips that got me 30k+ impressions a day

by Arnold Burian

Post on LinkedIn: 5 tips that got me 30k+ impressions a day // In this video you’ll learn how to optimize posting on LinkedIn to get you more views and engagement in 2020. You’ll learn what to post on Linkedin, how to post on LinkedIn, and LinkedIn hacks that will get you many more views and visibility to your posts and articles.

The first half I talk about LinkedIn publishing article and writing articles on Linkedin, and then I go into posting on the newsfeed. Once I uncovered this about the LinkedIn algorithm and platform, my post engagement went up by thousands of impressions.

We review:
– How the LinkedIn algorithms works
– Psychologically what catches people’s attention and compels them to engage with your post
– A secret people don’t talk about on how to get more views on your article
– The #1 thing to post to get noticed on LinkedIn

Here is the article by Kyle Elliot, “Why this resume resulted in 3 job offers in just 1 week”

Here is the article, “I’ve read 1000+ cover letters and THIS will get you the interview”

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