4 Storytelling Formulas To Create CONTENT That SELLS 💸

by Arnold Burian

The 4 Storytelling Formulas For Creating Content That SELLS!
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Storytelling is insanely powerful… and I’m definitely not the first to tell you that this form of communication is absolutely critical for engaging your audience! Epecially in a saturated, highly-competitive market.

Every good marketer and writer knows this to be true, and uses storytelling structures in their sales letters, landing pages, social campaigns, and website copy. 

It creates relatability, authority, and trust with your prospect. 

But how exactly do you weave storytelling into your copy, and what are some of the best formulas that have worked time and time again? 

Well I’m here to share my top 4 storytelling techniques which I have used again and again in my work. 


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Hero’s Journey:

The Marketing Hero’s Journey: 25 Tips On Selling Through Storytelling


Future Pacing:

The #1 Secret of Highly Persuasive People: Future Pacing

Trouble Maker:


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