Content Marketing Strategy | 10 Ways to Use Video

by Arnold Burian

Videos can supercharge your content marketing strategy and help you dominate online. This video features 10 ideas for how to incorporate video into your existing content marketing efforts so that you can get maximum results with minimum effort.

For my full recommendations, visit the blog post:

10 Ways to Level Up Your Content Marketing Strategy with Video

10 Ways to Use Video:
0:00 Content Marketing Strategy
1:03 Repurpose Text Content
2:09 Film Podcast Episodes
2:54 Feature Customer Testimonials
3:36 Record Product Demos
4:31 Add Video to Emails
4:58 Make a Video Course
5:37 Broadcast Live
7:18 Supercharge Customer Service
8:03 Highlight Company Culture
8:50 Get Music for Your Videos

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The original video is available here.

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