We've been too silent!



Good things are happening.

We promise.

Good things have been happening here at Author-it, and it we want to share them with you.

Our goal is to create positive change in the lives of our clients by helping you bring content to life. And in order to achieve that goal, we’ve had our heads down working diligently to improve both our product and our communications with you.

So, let’s talk product. The next major release, Author-it 7, will focus on what you’ve told us really matters: stability, efficiency, performance and security. Further UX improvements and more visually appealing interfaces will follow in subsequent releases, but here are a few examples of what we will be rolling out next quarter:

  • Improved performance – bug fixes, enhanced security practices and tighter infrastructure

  • New cross browser web authoring client – built for simplicity, ease of use and collaboration

  • Review improvements –based on user feedback, editorial has merged into the main authoring client, streamlining the review process

  • Magellan – an HTML5 Web Help and documentation site –A modern, responsive and highly-functional web-based help output for publishing your content.

Now, let’s talk communication. Going forward we are committed to keeping you informed, educated and in the loop. So committed, in fact, that we’ve expanded our team – from developers to marketing communications, to bringing back our founder, Paul Trotter, whom you’ll be hearing from very soon.

Our commitment to our clients is to keep the lines of communication open, which means we want to hear from you, too. We need your comments, suggestions and feedback so we can evolve as an organization and improve our products and services. We can’t do it without you, and quite frankly we don’t want to.

So, reach out to us at marketing@author-it.com.
The Author-it Software Team

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