Product manuals become instructional videos through content reuse.


At the tcworld 2019 conference in Stuttgart, Author-it’s Peter Stroes joined Wouter Maagdenberg of TXTOmedia on stage to explore a new technology that makes automated video creation from reuse of your structured content a reality.

Couldn’t make it to Germany for the presentation? Check out Maagdenberg’s article, Instructional videos are the new marketing gold, originally published in tcworld Magazine, to learn how to take back control of your corporate video presence in the era of user-generated content and find out how you may already be ahead of the curve with structured content.

Instructional videos are the new marketing gold

by Wouter Maagdenberg

Videos have become our customers’ most popular channel to find answers and solve problems. But can we create a video for every use scenario in every language? A new technology makes automated video creation a reality. Read the article.

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