Webinar • Multiple technical writing projects in one Scrum team • Paweł Kowaluk • 3di

by Arnold Burian

Webinar 4/4 of the Agile Project Management in Technical Writing series with 3di Zarządzanie Informacją (http://3di.com.pl/), powered by soap! (soapconf.com).

# About the series
In this series, we will talk about ways 3di has been running technical communication projects in an agile way. Each project is different, and different things work, so we hope you can get some inspiration.

The complete series:
Agile project management in technical writing:
1. Using Kanban with JIRA in technical writing projects (https://youtu.be/CY9xNFZ_lWU)
2. Scrum meetings at a technical writing services company (https://youtu.be/BGCZxL7zFbc)
3. Estimating projects for the client (https://youtu.be/aLzVQuo_dfw)
4. Multiple technical writing projects in one Scrum team
The serieas are also available as a playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUY0lajb-kiau85ZbeeIq-QbuZmWlVxz5

# Paweł Kowaluk – our presenter
Our presenter is Paweł Kowaluk – in technical communication since 2008 as technical writer, product developer, technical lead, and consultant. On of the co-founders of soap! technical communication. Currently, Technical Director at 3di Poland.

# 3di – our partner
The partner of the series is 3di Information Solutions. 3di works with organisations of all sizes, providing technical authoring, translation and localization services.
We can advise on the tools and processes you need. We love creating compelling and useful web content, and will make it easier to learn about, and use, complex products.

# Links
3di Zarządzanie Informacją: http://3di.com.pl/
soap!: http://soapconf.com/

The original video is available here.

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