Tricky But Correct


I know, I’ve mentioned this topic several times, but the topic is worth repeating because so many writers get “comprise” wrong. Here’s one of the few who got it right.

Company revenue last year climbed to $24.3 million, up 47% from 2019, and co-owner Jeff Snell told the Kansas City Business Journal barndominiums now comprise about 25% of sales, up from 1% five years ago. last article

Remember: Compose goes from the parts to the whole; comprise goes from the whole (usually a singular) to the parts, which are usually plural. So “barndominiums” is the whole thing (a company, not a bunch of places), and “25%” is the part, which can be either a singular or a plural, depending on how you care to look at it.

Here’s a picture of a barndominium:

Inside a barndominium
from the article

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