Sometimes you can both Count and Measure


Take taxes. You can have kinds of tax, such as income, sales, inheritance, property, and so on. In this context, you count, which means you use number. But one tax can come in different amounts of money, so you measure. So is this sentence correct?

The company has long been criticized for the amount of taxes it pays. 

From an Axios article about Amazon

Depends on the context. If they’re talking about the amount of, say corporate income tax, then the sentence is correct. But if they’re talking about avoiding certain types of tax, such as sales tax or property tax, then the sentence would be incorrect. Not being a tax lawyer, I dunno.

Gotta have a picture, so here’s one of the place where unionization is an issue:

Amazon to Build First Fulfillment Center in Alabama, Bringing 1,500 Jobs to  Bessemer | REBusinessOnline
from Google images

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