Maybe I’m too Literal


But this is a good point.

Be careful of figures of speech when you’re writing technical material.

Here’s the quote:

Astronomer Vera Rubin’s extraordinary achievements fill a new biography by astronomers Jacqueline Mitton and Simon Mitton.

Her achievements fill the book? How about descriptions of her achievements? I’m pretty sure the book doesn’t contain pages of calculations and telescopes. Full disclosure: that’s taken from Nature Briefing, which references the article itself, which is at and the article gets it right (emphasis mine):

A new biography, Vera Rubin: A Life, documents her many accomplishments. The authors, astronomers Jacqueline Mitton and Simon Mitton, tell of how Rubin was born into an immigrant family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… 

Here’s Vera. Oops, I mean a picture of Vera. The article has more photos, and it’s interesting, too.

Vera C. Rubin | Earth & Planets Laboratory
(Image search for Vera Rubin)

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