Columbia State is Looking for MANY Adjuncts for the Fall 2017

Columbia State is looking for some, well ok,  A LOT of adjunct English instructors for the Fall in 2017. The courses are in Columbia state’s five campuses. We host classes in Clifton, TN, Lewisburg TN, Lawrenceburg , TN, Franklin, Tn and Columbia.
PT Faculty can teach up to 3 Classes and we would make every effort to try to schedule people so they could get the maximum amount of courses per trip. Up to $4500 for a total of 3 courses.

There is a TINY travel stipend (about $100 for the semester for people driving 100 miles a week for the school).  There are over 30 sections unstaffed courses include ENGL1010 Composition; ENGL 2130 Survey of American Literature; ENGL0802 Learning Support Writing; ENGL 2015 Introduction to Film Studies; ENGL 2310 Survey of World Literature I.

Contact  Stu Lenig, Coordinator in humanities 931-540-2877[email protected] directed to inquire.

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