Another correct “Comprise”

by Arnold Burian

Look for “comprise” in the search box to find more examples.

Gascoigne, an amateur astronomer of Middleton, near Leeds, was the youngest member of an enthusiastic little band of Midland astronomers which comprised Horrocks, Crabtree, and Oughtred.

Page 94. You have to be pretty interested in astronomy, but if you are, the book is pretty interesting. It’s about 500 pages long, with plenty of footnotes at the end of each chapter.

Remember, “comprise” goes from the whole to its parts.

(It should be “that” instead of “which,” but I’m nit-picking.)

PS—I ran into another correct usage, from The New England Journal of Medicine:

This on-line advisory panel comprises approximately 5,000 VUMC patients, representing a broad cross-section of our community.

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