Marketing Minute 127 “Is Content Creation Tactical or Strategic?” (Content Marketing Strategy)

by Arnold Burian

Is content creation tactical or strategic? Most marketers treat content creation as a tactical concern rather than as a strategic component of their marketing planning. This practice stems from the common, but incorrect, view that SEO — Search Engine Optimization — is merely a tactical tool rather than one of the pillars of marketing strategy.

Remember that when we talk about “strategy,” we’re considering the highest levels of marketing planning that will help us to reach our overall goals and perhaps some of our more specific objectives. Strategy is what moves us to the next level. Strategy is the overarching approach to doing business that allows us not just to survive, but to thrive, in a competitive and ever-changing marketplace.

To rethink the idea of content creation as a major part of marketing strategy, marketers need to realize that all product information, promotional messages, and client communications are forms of marketing content. Without this content, there would be no flow of information to elicit the desired marketing exchanges, and your business would falter, or even fail.

Content is everywhere, from imagery on a package to typed responses to social media inquiries to blogs and posts and how-to videos to the words your salespeople speak over the phone. Once the ubiquitous nature of marketing content has been established, it becomes simple to recognize its strategic role.

At that point, it’s a matter of considering your various approaches to content creation, content provision, content assessment, and content retirement. These higher-level approaches are made with respect to the overall purposes and goals of your brand, and not necessarily focused on short-term specific objectives.

So the next time you start creating content from a primarily tactical perspective, consider this:
We are always creating content in what we say, write, and even do. How can something as prevalent as content creation not be considered strategic?

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