Content Marketing for SaaS with John-Henry Scherck

by Arnold Burian

Growth consultant John-Henry Scherck, an expert at B2B, discusses Software as a Service (SaaS).

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John-Henry is a B2B content strategist and SEO consultant based in Los Angeles. He works with founders, marketers, and investors to plan, build and refine growth marketing initiatives using a common sense approach.

As he so aptly mentions in his Twitter bio, “The ARR is not his son, but he will raise it.”

Show Agenda & Timestamps:
1:05 How do you pull people through the funnel with content marketing?
5:25 Do you have a suggested process for building content upgrades?
9:10 Should you ask for just the email, firstname lastname or some other combination with upgrades?
10:25 How do you work with clients that don’t have clear bottom-funnel search volume?
14:18 How should people approach ranking for “vs” or “alternative” keywords in SaaS?
16:40 What’s your opinion on TF:IDF?
24:55 How do you approach link building in the SaaS market?
32:23 Is there a difference in how you’d approach sales-assisted SaaS vs self-signup Saas?
35:55 What actionable tip would you leave people with?

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