ASK THE EXPERTS: Content Strategy for Indie Publishers

by Arnold Burian

“Marketing today doesn’t work unless it’s a part of an integrated content strategy. In other words, it’s not just about social or just about blogging. It’s everything working together,” says content marketing strategist Michael Boezi of Control Mouse Media.

Michael Boezi will discuss and analyze how authors can expand their audience, network with other authors, and reach critical influencers. He talks about why some techniques work and others fail, discuss the differences and similarities between marketing for non-fiction versus fiction writers, and the importance of owning one’s voice on the web.
See for free content for viewers of this video. You’ll find Michael’s company site Control Mouse Media, Free Tools, Templates, and Worksheets, The Social Media Strategy Series, and The Basics of Content Strategy for Authors.

Boezi spoke at the popular session on publicity & marketing on Oct. 22 at the IPNE Annual Conference in Portsmouth, NH #IPNE16

The original video is available here.

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