Ariel Vergara: About SFU's technical writing program

by Arnold Burian

Ariel Vergara, a technical writer and a graduate of our online Certificate in Technical Communication, talks about his experience with SFU Continuing Studies.

Vergara discovered he enjoyed dissecting and explaining processes after being invited to join a team of professionals to work on a service quality manual for his organization.

Eventually deciding to pursue technical writing as a career, Vergara knew he’d need to take some courses to sharpen his skills. He chose SFU’s online program because it fit best with his lifestyle—he had a full-time job and was raising a family.

“Knowing that I [would] be spending time studying, I figured doing it online, where I could schedule my time around it, works better for me,” he said.

He found his instructors a great resource: “The instructors who are teaching in the program are people who are actually doing what they’re teaching. Their experience through the years is something that they were able to impart or share with the students, and that’s something that has, I would say, definitely prepared me for this career.”

Vergara noted that instructors were also very supportive—they were readily accessible via email and the program’s online discussion forums.

When Vergara landed his first technical writing job shortly after graduating from the certificate program in 2010, he realized how well his studies had prepared him for the industry.

“I realized that working online, collaborating with people who you’ve never met face-to-face, was really preparing for the kind of work that I would be doing after the program. After the program, when I landed my first technical writing job, that’s when I realized that all [that] training, all those times spent chasing classmates or scheduling or finding a way to make things work was actually preparing me for what I was going to do at the end.”

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