The intimate power of a good content strategy — The Startup Tapes #026

by Arnold Burian

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Content Marketing is an increasingly common part of our marketing toolset. The promise of millions of eyeballs coming to your website, through blogposts or videos that are almost free to produce, seems hard to pass up. Alas, rapid changes to online channels, coupled with an increasingly demanding audience, make this a difficult tool for startups to wield in practice.
I sit down with Shahruz Shaukat, Cofounder & CTO of Tuner-backed venture Super Deluxe: a Hollywood studio for the age of Snapchat, churning out online hits from their base in downtown LA, and nearing 2M subscribers on Facebook just 6 months after their launch. Shahruz’s a veteran of online content & startups, having worked on Buzzfeed, Harmontown, Earwolf, Seinfeld Emoji and many more projects, so I turn to him for answers to Content Marketing’s most pressing questions.

Guest: Shahruz Shaukat
Super Deluxe

Host: Tim Anglade
Executive in Residence at Scale Venture Partners

The Startup Tapes chronicle the highs & lows of building a startup, through candid interviews with founders, operators & advisors. Tim Anglade, an Executive-in-Residence at Scale Venture Partners and formerly with Realm, Apigee, and Cloudant leads the project with the goal to de-mystify the process through which startups emerge, grow & succeed. His unfiltered interviews transcribe the conversations we often hear in the boardroom, amongst our portfolio community and with entrepreneurs and partners we engage with every day.

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