Michael Schmidtke: Bosch Corporate Storytelling – Content Strategy Forum 2014

by Arnold Burian

http://www.csforum2014.com/ 350 official social media channels, 500 websites, numerous audiences ranging from B2B to B2C – the digital realm of Bosch encompasses a wide variety of digital initiatives across the globe. How do you ensure consistency throughout a fast growing number of digital activities and social media channels and use them to increase the reputation of a “connected company”?

Similar to script teams in the TV, film or games, industry the digital community within Bosch works with a storytelling and content marketing framework to orchestrate its work. The framework helps the people involved to co-create and share content, ensure consistency and perform joint campaigns across countries and business divisions. This session will take you through the lessons learned within the Bosch Group and touches the following questions:

How can you adopt storytelling methods for Corporate Communications and Marketing in the social media age? How can transmedia storytelling could work as framework for content strategies? And what can we learn from online games when it comes to digital campaigning?

The original video is available here.

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