How To Build A Website With Content Strategy That Convert Your Visitors To Buyers?

by Arnold Burian

There are many noises about how to design a website that convert your visitors to the potential buyers, and many marketing tools or channels that would help you get customers easily.

But in fact, there is no easy way, it comes down to understand precisely your targeted customers buying persona first, then decide the targeted content to meet their need when making decision to buy your products or services versus your competitors. has layout the basic outline of how to get job done in 7 phases, it is not gonna be easy, but it is workable solution to your online marketing success.

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1. Business Analysis:

1) Business Purpose

2) Website Goals

3) Targeted Audience

2. Website Planning & Design

1) Sitemap

2) Website Wireframe Structure

3) Visual Color Design

4) Usability UI UX Design

5) Responsive Design

3. Conversion Content Creation

1) Content Copywriting

2) Photos & Videos

3) Search Engine Optimization Techniques

4. Web Development

1) Web Technology We Use

2) Database WebSite Development

3) Page Speed Matters

5. Website Testing

1) Technical Testing

2) Browser Compatibility

3) Rethink Of Content?

6. Follow-Up Services

1) Monitoring & Maintenance

2) Website Traffic Report

7. SEO Marketing Services

We also provide SEO marketing service to help you generate website report, using our SEO webmaster tools to understand your website better and get your online marketing work done easier.

We can help you audit SEO page Title, Links, and targeted keywords articles.

We have launched our sister site called, it is for business marketing Training, website SEO report purpose.

You can contact US there if you have questions about how to use the SEO report tool or want us give you a hand to audit your page.

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