Curata in 60-Seconds: Creating a Data Driven Content Strategy

by Arnold Burian

A leading provider of content marketing software since 2007, Curata helps marketers plan, create, fuel, and measure the success of their content marketing strategy with its Content Marketing Platform and Content Curation Software.

For companies of all sizes, Curata’s Content Curation Software(CCS) helps feed the absolute best content in your topic area to blogs, social channels, newsletters, and more. In short time, CCS finds the most relevant content for your business, streamlines organization, simplifies contextualization, and automates distribution. Cut down on the time from ideation to promotion by using CCS.

Curata’s Content Marketing Platform (CMP) answers the biggest question for marketers creating content: “How is my content strategy influencing leads, pipeline, and revenue?” CMP’s robust editorial environment empowers marketers to optimize strategy and create better content, faster. The analytics engine then provides full-funnel attribution so marketers can showcase their true content marketing ROI.

The original video is available here.

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