What To Post On Facebook? – Facebook Marketing Content Strategy Tutorial 2017

by Arnold Burian

What To Post On Facebook? – Facebook Marketing Content Strategy Tutorial 2017

There are 8 primary types of facebook content:
– Memes
– Product or service centered content
– Useful content such as blog posts, ebooks, webinars, instructional videos and many more
– Content centered for casual people
– Conversational content
– Evergreen content
– Other people’s content

Many people are able to leverage memes as great Facebook content by sharing what they’re thinking through them. Firstly, they can be used for sharing great or inspiring quotes you might have found. This works for some brands, but it is not always in line with the tone or personality of a specific brand.

Product oriented content comes to mind first to most people when they want to start promoting on Facebook. You should be careful with this kind of content that you’re not forcing it on people and that you are not trying too hard to sell your product. It is best used as a tool to be able to share a feature or a great fact about your product.

People centered content is just what it sounds like. It is about you or maybe about your team and what you are doing to make the product you are offering better. It should show who you are as people and who is behind the product. While this kind of contents will not necessarily help you drive sales and business but it will get you closer connected to the people that like your brand or product. It’s meant to show your audience that you are not all about selling products but also that you are a normal person that is not that different from them.

Conversational content is basically starting conversations with your followers or in this case people who like your Facebook page. The main goal is to get people to engage and if you make it fun and interesting they will. You need to know how to create this type of content if you want to expect responses, feedback and more.

The evergreen content is usually your own content that you published a year or maybe two ago and is still good for you to use it again or repost it. It is usually valuable insights on your industry and lifestyle around your brand. It comes in many forms but the most popular are blog posts, instructional videos, infographics and more. This type of content retains value over a long period of time. If you think your content is still relevant even so much time later you should not hesitate to repost and reuse it.

You can also share other people’s content. This is important because it is hard to consistently come up with good or interesting content on a daily, weekly basis. It also requires a big time investment and you might not have that as a business owner. It also gives you a great opportunity to show that you are not all about yourself and that you also care about what other people are doing that may be helpful to them.

It is really important to be able to leverage your content and to create the right mix of content. If you are only posting for fun it will bring you no business. The same goes for only talking about other people or only talking about your business. You should get just the right amount of each.

This great video tutorial on Facebook content creation 2015 will show you exactly how to go viral on facebook. You will need to use videos, pictures and many other types of content that we will try to make into viral content. The webinar covers how to make content viral and many Facebook marketing strategies along with Facebook marketing secrets and tips.

Facebook content is not that hard to make as will be covered in this Facebook 2015 tutorial. You will know exactly what to post on facebook and what not to in order to be successful in Facebook marketing as is the creator Mark Zuckerberg. FB content is very important for growing your brand and for that you need a content strategy or Facebook content strategy in this case for content marketing in 2015.

Facebook marketing is not that easy and without marketing strategies it can get quite challenging especially for a business. Marketing facebook in 2015 will promote your business on facebook and you can do it by searching for facebook groups which is a great Facebook marketing strategy 2015. Facebook news feed is changing by the day and if you want to be a Facebook expert and be social media marketing you should know all the Facebook marketing secrets. On your Facebook page you can also use promoted posts and Facebook offers.

Another integral part of Facebook are the business pages as well as the facebook landing page. Facebook ads are also a way to share content and can be used in your facebook strategy.

The original video is available here.

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