How to Organize your Video Content Strategy for YouTube Hero, Hub & Help

by Arnold Burian

How is it that brands with deep pockets are failing on YouTube, but 16-year-olds with nothing more than smartphone are mastering the video-based social channel?

It’s because these brands don’t have a well thought out video content strategy designed specifically for YouTube.

Have no fear! You don’t need to have millions of dollars in spending cash or even a dedicated video production team or staff to get the most out of the second largest search engine on the planet. Here’s all you need to know:

1. Hero
2. Hub
3. Help


We’re producers with an energy and enthusiasm for visual storytelling and we understand that your business has
a story to tell. We help our clients convey the right message to their clients at the ideal time – this creates an emotional association with your image. Creativity is a vital part of our process, however when creating a video for your business, it’s the results that matter.

Our clients trust us to help them find and understand the stories that illuminate, motivate and persuade their
audience. In the end, our job is to convert viewers into clients and clients into enthusiastic brand champions.

Melbourne Video Production ShotGun Media

The original video is available here.

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