Three Faces of Liz

Indoorsy – Happily contracting since 1993, I love burrowing deeply into the tunnel of my brain to analyze complex IT processes and procedures and translate them into the voice and media appropriate for my audience. I’m still amazed I get paid to have so much fun in my head! With no kids, a techie mate, and lots time to live in my head, I am a bit of a geek.

Outdoorsy – I am childless and live with a wonderfully adventurous man, Dan (a PeopleSoft systems architect). We both do serious workouts before work every morning. Our weekends are filled with motion: snow skiing, hiking, backpacking, inline skating and other vigorous activities. Our vacations are always active, whether it’s inline skating the Couer d’Alene rail trail as we did last August, or climbing Mt. Kilimanaro in January of 2010. Our playtime is a wonderful balance for the hours we both spend sitting behind a computer Monday through Friday.

Part Time Adventure Guide – And then there’s my low-paying, fun work as a Camp Rollerblade instructor and skating Guide for My campers would never guess what an introvert I am! But giving skate lessons is the perfect blend for my physical energy and analytical mind. I sparkle while teaching but at mealtimes, even though I am the “Tour Guide,” somebody else has to be the life of the party. I just wish I could edit what I say as well as I edit what I write!

How did I get the Adventure Guide gig? In 1992, soon after buying my first pair of Rollerblades, I wrote and self-published Get Rolling, the Beginner’s Guide to Inline Skating (still for sale on Amazon and from my web site That led to writing a catalog of skating trails in California, originally a paperback but currently Dan’s open-source database test lab, This tour book led to joining Zephyr as a guide for their 1997 San Francisco and Wine Country Skate Tour. Dan and I have been enjoying discounted vacations to international destinations ever since.

That’s me.



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