Learner Story: Finding Flexibility and Confidence in a Content Strategy Career

by Arnold Burian

When Limari became a mother, she knew she needed to rethink her career so that she could spend time with her son. She began working from home as a social media manager, and soon recognized that an in-depth understanding of content strategy could help her take control of her professional future. On a friend’s recommendation, she joined Coursera, where she discovered Northwestern University’s Content Strategy for Professionals course.

“That course changed my life,” Limari says. “It gave me the knowledge I needed to pursue other opportunities.” When she became a single mother and needed to set her own schedule, she knew she had the skills to strike out on her own as a freelancer. Now, she works from her favorite coffee shop, and arranges professional commitments around her son’s school activities. “I have all of this,” she says, “because of Coursera.”

The original video is available here.

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