How To Create A Great Content Strategy

by Arnold Burian

At the heart of any online marketing plan is a great content strategy. How you plan, create and distribute your content is key to creating engaging material that your followers can interact with and will boost your online presence.

#1 Essential VS Non-essential Tasks
Lots of businesses suffer with a lack of time. Therefore, where possible time consuming and “non-essential” tasks should be outsourced.

#2 Content Planning
To help with this process, you can create a table. For the first row at the top of each column, add topics you are an expert in and use the rows underneath each topic to create titles of blog articles you could write.

#3 Task Management
The key to a good content strategy is being efficient and managing the process well. To do this you can use a tool such as ToDoIst to set and receive reminders for when you should be creating content.

#4 Record It & Pay For Transcription
You can speak a lot faster than you can write, so if you are low on time then record yourself talking about a subject you know a lot about. You can pay to get the audio transcribed for s small fee and you then have a blog article
#5 Social Media & Sharing Your Content Around
Share your content around all of you social media profiles for maximum exposure. Sharing things like stats, tips, quotes as well as other people’s insightful content is a great way to engage with your followers.

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