Content Marketing: How To Do Content Strategy?

by Arnold Burian

How To Do Content Strategy. Author: Kristina Halvorson, CEO and Founder at Brain Traffic. Download from SlideShare ➞

Learn how to put together a comprehensive content strategy, step-by-step. Includes specific examples of documentation.

1. HOW TO DO CONTENT STRATEGY Kristina Coauthor, Content Strategy for the Web CEO, Brain Traffic and Founder, Confab Events
2. What is content strategy?
4. Content strategy is the practice of planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content.
5. Not just… What
6. But … What Why How When For whom By whom With what Where How often What next
8. Content strategy guides planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of content… …plus a whoooole lot of caveats.
9. Brief aside: Content strategy vs. content marketing
10. Content marketing is the approach of creating and distributing valuable and consistent content to a targeted audience, with the objective of driving some profitable action… – “The Evolution of Content Marketing Will Include Intelligent Content” Joe Pulizzi, 1/12/2015 “
13. How I talk about content strategy
19. What kinds of content strategy are there?
22. Enterprise Content Strategy Governance policies and standards Content management ecosystem design Organizational structure and content roles
23. What does a content strategist do?
34. Business objectives Current technology Project objectives Functional requirements User research Cross-platform initiatives Stakeholder interviews Industry trends Usability testing Competitors Design research Content inventory Typical Discovery Checklist
39. Content Inventory Easy to automate. Here are a few tools to get started. Content Analysis Tool [Kristina’s favorite] Blaze Clarity Grader …check with your friendly CMS administrator
53. What is a content strategy? A strategy is the path you’ll take towards meeting your goals and fulfilling your vision. It may be one of a few parallel paths towards the same goals. A strategy helps define what you WILL do and what you WON’T do. All tactical initiatives must map back to your strategy. Your strategy should force you to prioritize and to say “no.”
58. Content Strategy Statement
67. Junglebox Primary Message We make it possible for you to experience the joy of owning, breeding and raising exotic frogs.
69. Voice and Tone Guidelines
76. 82 This year’s plans and resources will specifically prioritize website content. We’ll be highly conservative about the content we plan for and create. The content we feature will be exclusively about dart frogs. We’ll create “Dart Frog 101” content for people who are curious about what it’s like to raise and breed our frogs. We’ll keep topics timely and fresh for the advanced dart frog keeper. Our content is never “nice to have.” Everything we share on our website can be tied directly to a product we sell. Our website delivers limited, laser-focused content that educates newbies, excites enthusiasts, and motivates purchases. content strategy statement
81. Qualitative Audit
82. Content Audit A qualitative process. Determine if what you already have is what you need, and if it’s any good. On brand Readable Maps to user journey/needs Legal requirements Appropriate voice and tone etc. Useful for gap analysis, rewrites, and content migration.
92. Workflow Workflow means understanding not only what processes and tools you’ll use to create, deliver, and care for content throughout its lifecycle. Workflow also means ensuring clarity of roles and responsibilities.
99. How do you make the case for content strategy?
101. Unanswered questions
103. How will you bring content strategy to your business?
104. You can find all sorts of tools and templates in here.

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