How to get unstuck:content strategy for the future

by Arnold Burian

We all want a web that’s more flexible, responsive, and ready for new devices. There’s only one little flaw: Our content is stuck in the past. Locked into inflexible pages and documents, our content is far from ready for today’s world of APIs, read-later services, and responsive sites&much less for the coming one, where the web is embedded in everything from autos to appliances.

We can’t keep creating more content for each of these new devices and channels. We’d go nuts trying to manage and maintain all of it. Instead, we need content that does more for us.

This webcast will get you started by showing you how to:

Stop thinking of content in terms of pages and documents and start breaking it down according to its meaning, message, and purpose
Give your legacy content the structure and metadata it needs for responsive design, APIs, and multi-device experiences
Edit and refocus your content&for mobile users and for everyone else, too
Identify the organizational roadblocks and fears about change that create barriers to making this shift

About Sara Wachter-Boettcher

Sara Wachter-Boettcher is an independent content strategist based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where she helps clients stop creating endless content and start building strategies that are sustainable, meaningful, and future-ready.

She got this way after stints as a journalist, copywriter, and web writer, during which she became increasingly dissatisfied with the chaos typically found in web content projects. In 2008, she launched the content strategy practice at her past agency, Off Madison Ave, and started working closely with IA and UX teams to build a better way forward.

Sara is the editor in chief for A List Apart magazine, where her writing has also appeared. She also contributes to Contents and blogs sporadically on her personal site, You can see where she’ll be speaking next on Lanyrd.

Produced by: Yasmina Greco

The original video is available here.

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