6 Tips For Online Documentation Design

When you need to create user documentation, one thing you start thinking about is how this documentation will look like. Apparently, you can write great content and describe all the features for users. But what about the style, layout, fonts, colors, background, etc.? Even if you think that developing some special design for user manuals is too much, you still can’t just plaintext it. Online documentation has to look nice!

As far as the documentation design is concerned, some ground rules are to be set:

  • your help topics must be readable;
  • all additional elements (warning boxes, list bullets, tables, etc.) should be informative and definitely not distractive;
  • the design should be responsive and look good on mobile devices;
  • colors of choice should match;
  • etc.

Having a quality user manual can do you a lot of good: gain several authority points from the customers, ease the pressure on your Support team, increase brand awareness through matching corporate design. Besides, quite often, online help is the first place an angry user goes to when they experience some issues, so your task is to make them feel welcome!

Let’s check what principles one should follow to create nice-looking online documentation!

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