What Would Life be Without Technology?

Have you ever imagined your life without technology? I bet few people even asked themselves about that. First of all, we need to define what technology is. Most people would say that it’s all electronic devices that surround us and that we use every day to make our life easier and more comfortable. But there is more specific definition for this notion. According to the Oxford Dictionaries technology is: “The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry and also machinery and devices developed from scientific knowledge”. From this definition we can make a conclusion that technology is a product of scientific knowledge aimed to resolve issues people are facing in daily routine. But do we realize what did it bring to our lives and what it would like to live without it?
First of all, we use technologies to please our needs. We buy things produced with special equipment. We live in houses built with construction machinery. We use electronic devices for communication and interaction as well as we travel using different vehicles. All this has become possible thanks to inventions which are a part of evolution. The need to simplify our existence enabled development of civilization.
Let’s now cast our mind back to the time when people had to manage without any technology. Imagine that you have to travel from one country to another. It would take you months just to reach a final destination. Besides that, you would suffer from tiredness, hunger and diseases. All this would threaten your life. But on the other hand, it could be the most exciting adventure in your life! A lot of people nowadays are looking for something more than just a comfort. They are trying to expand their consciousness and break the tether. Someone escape from their boring lives to be closer to nature. Others are excited by extreme sports so they can fulfill their lives with new emotions. The reason is that in spite of the fact that we have all we need for absolute comfort it doesn’t help us to get rid of stress. As a result, people are looking for ways to change it. At the same time, others are stuck in the world of technologies. All these devices and equipment attract them. They are addicted to them. People cannot picture themselves without a fancy cell phone or the most expensive car in their garage.
Technologies are an important part of our life. Most of them are really necessary and useful. With the advent of technologies, life conditions have become more convenient. World is changing at tremendous speed giving us more opportunities for development. Everyday people face new challenges and technologies help to handle them. Availability of information as well as different electronic devices let us work faster and effectively. Our life is not as dangerous as our ancestors had. We don’t need to struggle for survival in wild conditions. We are protected from weather conditions and we don’t have to worry about a place to stay for the night and not to be attacked by an animal. Thanks to technologies we are able to cross the ocean by air which seemed to be just impossible before.
Technology impacts us in different ways. It can be also negative and dangerous, but at the same time, we use its advantages to improve conditions we live in. We enjoy our lives not even thinking what helps us to do that. Technology has become an integral part of our life. As the result we are not able to separate it from our world, moreover to imagine civilization or development without it.

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