Tips and Tricks for College Programming Assignments in College

You do not need to struggle through your programming assignments alone. As a developer in the making you probably love computers and the internet a lot already, so it only makes sense to also make use of this when doing your programming assignments.

Use the web to find information online or for a network with experts to get extra help, but do not forget about the valuable knowledge that lies in books. See the list below for some useful tips and tricks for your programming assignments.

1. Get programming books

Do not rely solely on online forums and blogs when looking for assignment help. Invest some money in buying a few helpful programming books. Information published in books are usually more thorough than self-published work you find online. One down side is that they might be expensive. If you do not have money try getting books at the library that can help you with your assignment.

2. Get a mentor

Sometimes to get the best help you need someone more experienced to show you how. You can make use of your college tutors for one on one help. This might be the easiest way for you to get a mentor. You can sometimes also get extra help from your lecturers although they can often be too busy to give one on one help.

If you plan ahead, you can go to your lecturer after class with a list of questions relating to your assignment. Another way to benefit from your lecturer’s expert knowledge is too ask questions in class. Class time is usually the best time for interaction. See tip three for more ways to get a mentor.

3. Network with other programmers

Another way to get a mentor is too network with other programmers. Meet them online or join a programming group. College is a good place for a student to network. You are already surrounded by a bunch of people specialising in your field that are all on different levels of qualification.

Even making a friend that is a senior could help you a lot when doing assignments. They don’t even need to be senior necessarily. Just having friends in the same field as you can give you someone to talk to about programming and you can help each other in different ways. Help from a friend is the best assignment hack there is.

4. Get advice online

There are many websites and forums dedicated to programming help. Programmers are people who use online platforms on a regular basis and they have formed an extensive network online that they use to help and teach each other. Join a group online or discover various helpful websites to learn from and help you with assignments.

Simply search your assignment question and you are guaranteed to find a thousand different solutions. Many websites allow you to chat live with an expert to help you with your assignment. You can also watch videos or use group….to get more visual help. Or if reading is your thing look for online catalogues.

5. Publish your code

The best way to learn and improve your work is to get it out to the public for critique. Publishing your code online can help you improve your assignment work before submitting it. Find a platform for publishing your work to get advice from more experienced others. Think of it like publishing a poem online. When other poetry students or professional writers read it they might see a grammatical error or be able to make suggestions for better reading. This is a quick hack to learn more. Just remember to be open minded to new suggestions and do not take criticism personally.

6. Set reminders for assignments

Often the best hack for doing well in assignments is to stick to a well-planned schedule. As a developer you probably already know how to develop your little reminders. Making your own reminders for assignments can give you extra experience too. If you do not know how to set assignment reminders yourself yet you can make use of existing programs.

Above you have been introduced to a few different ways of getting additional help for your programming assignments. Another tip that you should always remember is to go through your assignments as soon as you get it. Do not leave it until the very last night before the deadline, because then you might need a lot more help. Rather go through it earlier and ask your lecturer or tutors any questions you might have.


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  2. Shannon

    Don’t forget that your local library might also have programming books that you could rent instead of buying them, since they can be quite expensive!

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