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Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC)

Purpose of IPC:

IPC is a document which gives information about any product, parts and assemblies with the help of illustrations.

Uses of IPC:

IPC is widely used in mechanical industry, aeronautical industry, medical industry, electronic and electrical hardware industry etc.

How it is written?

IPC is basically includes part lists, part names, quantity, specifications and remarks. It is also a type of simplified Bill of material. For example, a cycle includes parts like wheels, handle, chain, seat, brakes etc. Each part has its own unique number and name also a quantity required in a cycle. Now only writing the names and part numbers is not sufficient to fulfil the requirement of end user, we need to illustrate the parts for better understanding. Usually IPC has one text page and another illustration page for an assembly or a single part. IPC includes so many assemblies and parts depending on the product.


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