All About FoxyUtils PDF To Word Converter Feature

First of all, you may be wondering what FoxyUtils is.  The parent project of FoxyUtils was called Merge PDF.  Their main objective was to make it easy and hassle-free to merge PDF files.  This endeavor was such a success that they decided to form a whole company dedicated to doing this and other types of file converting projects. That company is FoxyUtils.


In a nutshell FoxyUtils is a variable suite of different PDF-oriented webapps.  You might say it is the all-in-one-tool to enable PDF files to be converted to other formats; thus making PDFs more user-friendly.  Although FoxyUtils has a myriad of such apps, for this particular article we will focus on their PDF to Word converter feature. 


As you can probably tell, the FoxyUtils PDF to Word converter is a service designed solely for the task of the conversion of a PDF document to a Word document (or “docx.”)  This is extremely useful because, up until this service existed, it was virtually impossible to edit and utilize a PDF file.  Now not only is this task possible, but it is relatively easy.  We will explain this statement a little bit further.


Let us say you work in an office and your boss has delegated to you the chore of editing and printing out an existing PDF file.  You may be beside yourself because you do not know the first thing about how to do this.  Fear not, FoxyUtils makes it simple and it is free of charge.  Your first step is to select the PDF file you wish to work with, then upload it onto your screen.


On your monitor’s screen you will see a large, rectangular box which says “Drag files here to upload or.”  Then underneath that instruction are three small red buttons.  The buttons say Browse, Dropbox, and Google Drive.  Click on whichever of those three buttons is what you want to accomplish.


Following that you will see “Step 2. Manage Files.”  It says to “ensure that all the PDF files that you want to convert are listed below.”  Then underneath that you will see another large, rectangular box on your screen. This is where you will see the files you have selected.  To be certain that the correct files are present, the box has sections for you to view the Uploaded Files, Size in MB and Pages.  It is with that information you can verify you have uploaded the correct files.  If you have not, press the toggle switch below the box that says “Remove all files,” then begin again with step 1.


Assuming that you are now looking at all of the exact files you need to convert, we move on to Step 3. Convert!  Your instructions for this command say to “click the PDF to Word button below to convert your files:” Then click on the red toggle switch beneath this sentence.  You should now be able to see and work with your PDF documents in Word format.  Your boss will never need to know what your little secret is.  FoxyUtils has your back!


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