What Online Software Documentation Reviews Typically Cover

There are many great online software documentation programs out there but it can be tough to compare them all. A typical review of software documentation programs can help you understand the many ins and outs that come with certain sites and the programs those pages have to offer.

This is important in that many web based documentation programs are from a variety of popular companies. Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Cisco and Intel have their own online user manuals that will cover all the key details that come with using a program.


What Is the Community?

The community that comes with a particular online documentation program can be important. The community refers to how extended the support for the documentation is and how often it is updated. A good guide can be adjusted regularly with new updates based on the content that is added or adjusted within a program. This can especially be important when new versions of a program are introduced over time; plenty of updates and postings have to be made to ensure people are aware of how certain programs work.


Of course, the community can entail more than just the entity responsible for making the program. It can also feature a variety of people looking to share information with other users in real time. It can involve working with other users of the same program who submit data on a regular basis. Crowdsourcing has become a common part of software documentation that can pay dividends when used right.


Are Social Features Included?

Social features may be included in some of these popular programs. Social features can entail such things as getting user guides to link up to Facebook or share functions to help forward data to more people. Any program that offers an extended variety of these features is always worthwhile.

Social features may be divided up to where they can only be accessed in certain parts of a user guide. They may be accessible in the developer-based portions of a guide and not with the consumer-based sections that don’t entail basic controls. This is due to how developers are typically more capable of adjusting programs and working with some of the more advanced features that come with a program.


Questions and Answers

Questions and answers can be posted on user guides to answer specific questions and to get in touch with others who need help with very particular issues. Online software documentation programs can help by analyzing the needs that a person has based on certain triggers or other issues that can come about when working on a program.

This can particularly work with a forum setup where people can come in and ask questions that can be answered later on. This allows people to have their voices heard while giving them enough space with which to ask questions in. When used right, it should not be tough to get information out there to people who are asking for help in some manner.

Tutorials May Also Work

Tutorials are very popular in the world of online documentation. These are step-by-step guides dedicated to helping people learn about the different ways how certain programs can work. Tutorials can help people out by illustrating things in a picture-based form in some cases.

Tutorials can be vital but it is even more important to find ones that are sorted by category. A good online documentation site can help you sort out your documents and make them easier to identify based on certain categories. You can also edit them based on any new products or features that you want to work with.

The online software documentation reviews that you can find can make a difference when finding a program that can help you create the best possible user guides. Be sure to use the information here to help you find the right documentation guides that you can feel comfortable with.

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