Top 50 question asked in technical writing interview

Have you been tired of giving interview as a Technical Writer, but could not end up on a positive note. I can assist you to prepare, for your interview.

We will look into top 50 question asked in an interview for an experienced (2-4 years) technical writer.

I am sure that, if you read this blog before preparing for an interview, there are high chances of your’s to end on a positive note.

I have categorized the question into three parts:

General Question

  1. Can you please walk me thru your CV? (The interviewer can interrupt you, and ask you the question based on the information provided on your CV).
  2. Can you tell me about yourself?
  3. Why did you choose technical writing as your career?
  4. Have you done any certification course?
  5. What are the challenges faced by technical writer?
  6. Can you explain me the workflow of your current organization?
  7. What made you to hunt for a new job?
  8. Are you comfortable working extra hours?
  9. What are your achievement as a tech writer in your present organization?
  10. How will you add value to our organization?
  11. Different between CV and Resume?

Technical Question

  1. Challenges faced during information gathering?
  2. List of publication tools you have worked?
  3. Different between Ms Word and Framemaker?
  4. Different between Structured Framemaker and Unstructured Framemaker?
  5. Different between XML and HTML?
  6. Can you explain me the process involved in DDLC?
  7. Can you explain me the process involved in SDLC?
  8. How do DDLC and SDLC work parallel?
  9. How do you estimate time for documentation?
  10. What is topic based authoring?
  11. How do you interview SME’s?
  12. Challenges faced during interviewing SME’s?
  13. Have you worked on UML? or What is UML (Unified Modeling Language)?
  14. Have you worked on Video Editing? (Ex: Camtasia)
  15. Could you show me your sample documents?
  16. Different between active voice and passive voice?
  17. Different between which and that?
  18. Different between its and it’s?
  19. Different between there and their?
  20. Types of clauses? What is restrictive clause and non-restrictive clause?
  21. Types of commas?
  22. What do you mean by callout?
  23. What process do you follow for translation?
  24. Overview on Robohelp and MS Word?
  25. What is text conditioning?
  26. Review process involved in technical writing?
  27. Different between User Manual and User Guide?
  28. Have you worked on API documentation? (Only asked, if the project is related to API Documentation).
  29. Have you published any article?
  30. When do we use Organise and Organize?
  31. Different between your and you’re?

Written Test

  1. Aptitude questions
  2. Grammar test
  3. Edit the existing procedure (grammar, vocabulary, change voice, etc)
  4. Prepare a TOC
  5. Write the procedure using XML language.
  6. Procedure writing on topics like:
    • How to make a call (MSTP style)
    • How to withdraw money from ATM?
  7. What are the skills required/challenges faced by technical writer?
  8. Write a review of the latest movie you have seen?

If I have missed any questions, please mention it in comment box. It will be really helpful for those who are preparing for the interview.

All the Best!! 🙂

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