The Technical Writing Community, As I Know It

As I’ve mentioned, finding a technical writer community is extremely important to me as I make my transition into a new career path. Librarians have blogs and hashtags and chats and Tumblrs and so much more that ties them together as a strong, interactive, interesting, and funny community. So far, I don’t see a ton of technical writers with social media presence, but I’m hoping that it’s only because I have yet to be initiated into the field and I haven’t discovered the technical writer habitat yet. Update: Found ‘em! :D

Here’s what I have found so far, which I will continue to update as I go along.


Note: These encompass both technical communications writers AND people who write about tech… the term suffers with ambiguity.


Note: There are quite a few more technical writing blogs out there, but I’ve included these ones because they appear to be active and the content matches my interests, i.e. they are written personal narrative style rather than with an emphasis on specific technical solutions.

Professional Organizations:

Note: These are culled from my previous post on How To Get Started as a Technical Writer… I’m sure there are a lot more out there, these are just the ones that appealed to me in a broad sense.


As I’ve only been part of this community for a very short period of time, I know I’m omitting quite a bit here. If you’re reading this and you know of some resources that I’m missing, please share in the comments or on Twitter!

*Originally posted at – please see link for evolving, updated list*

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