Technical Writing

Technical writing is a skill by itself. You do not require extra ordinary skills to become a technical writer it would rather require communication skill. Here are few simple questions and answers on technical writing.

What is technical writing? and what is the role of a technical writer?

Technical writing is a writing style in a simple language about a software or a product. The writing style can range from an engineering product/service or about a software/hardware.

The main role of a technical writer is to write in a clear, simple language the method to work with a software or a product. A technical writer should know about the product, gather information about the product/software, know the target audience profile before documenting. The software/product can be from different domain. Hence, essentially domain knowledge is a plus for a technical writer.

What is the importance of a technical document?

Technical documents play a significant role for any product. The documents are in the form of user guide, manual, installation guide etc. When a Technical writer pen’s about a software/hardware, how should they go about writing? Here are few tips:

C A technical document should clearly explain about the product

C Use bulleted points instead of lengthier paragraphs

C Use images to explain the working

C Use active instead of passive voice

C Sub divide the content into readable portions

C Create a table of content/index to make navigation easier

Though a technical document plays a very important role, a technical writer is given less importance in the software development team. As their work is with using the writing tools developers pay less attention to the technical writers. Technical writers hike in salary is also less when compared with the software developers salary.

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