Business Matters: Is Marcia Riefer Johnston Stalking You, Too?

Elizabeth (Bette) Frick, aka The Text Doctor, has just posted this fun piece on the STC “Notebook” blog:

Business Matters: Is Marcia Riefer Johnston Stalking You, Too?

Last September, I had an eerie experience of posting a comment on an STC blog—and the comment appeared with someone else’s name on it. We finally straightened it out, but that started a random, lovely, productive relationship with Marcia Riefer Johnston.

In the flurry of emails about the technological glitch, I learned that Marcia was finishing her bookWord Up! How to Write Powerful Sentences and Paragraphs (And Everything You Build from Them) and was readying it for publication. She told me that all of her chapters had been born (my term, not hers) as blog posts. What a great way to prewrite, I thought. I have always taught my students to prewrite and draft shorter chunks or text rather than put off their writing until they “have time” to write the whole, huge report or article. Marcia, I thought, is a good model.

The next thing I knew, I’m planning to take my 38 Intercom“Business Matters” columns from the last 9 years and compile them into a book of survival advice for freelance technical communicators. I’m not sure that I would have conceived of this notion without my conversations with Marcia. So we started emailing again, and Marcia told me what she had originally planned for converting her blog posts into a book:

Two years ago—TWO YEARS AGO—I set out to bundle up my blog posts and call the compilation good. I planned to put out a little book that I could sell online and stuff into Christmas stockings. Fortunately, my husband had the courage to say…

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