A Day in Life

I have thought long hard before writing this blog. Does a day in life matter to us? Probably yes, we expect new things and encounter adverse situations. Each day in life, consist of speed-breakers, which we have to overcome.

I will use the Information Mapping process to describe the context. I will break the information into small chunks for better understanding. I have done it categorically to highlight different facets of human life.

This blog comprises of four phases. They are as follows:

  • My life on Weekdays
  • My Life on Weekends
  • My Life with Friends
  • My Life as a Loner

My Life on Weekdays

For most of us, Mondays give negative connotations— office…office. At times, it happens to me. I have observed that when you do not enjoy your work, days do not matter; employees come to office to kill time.

My work begins with setting up daily tasks, reading emails and having breakfast. I sit with my manager to update on project development, write content, test the system, read articles on different sources and share a laugh with my peers.

Two things that I love to do: share experiences on structuring content with peers and finding information. My day is incomplete when the events do not happen.

My Life on Weekends

I get up @9 am on weekends. First thing I do is meditate and practice yoga. It distresses me completely. I have my breakfast and read newspaper (Asian Age on weekends and Economic Times on weekdays). Reading newspapers are part of my family. I feel bad when I miss reading a newspaper. It happened, when I could not read the ET special on 2013 Budget. However, it is still with me!

When my house cleaner is unavailable, then I am responsible to clean the room and wash clothes.

I go for sleep in the afternoon, in the evenings; I browse Facebook, and read blogs. A Sunday without chicken is like a writer without any writing skills.

Caution: The above statement made by the author should not be seen as an offensive remark. It is subjective in nature.

My Life with Friends

The fact that I am away from my hometown for the past four years, I have not been able to scale my friend list. Now, I am in Pune, and since past year, I have made three friends.

Most of my friends are from Kolkata (my hometown) and New Delhi. Still I find solace, with people whom I share my room. They are the best entertainment that I can get. My non-veg experiences in Pune are incomplete without them. To name a few: Rajnikant, Apoorva and Rohan. I hope they do well in life.

Pune city offers excellent non-vegetarian and bakery products.

When I go to my hometown, it is a gala time for me. Watching movies, freaking out in streets, eating sweets (Kolkata is unbeatable in this aspect) and watching sweet girls.

My Life as a Loner

My personal favourite of the four phases discussed. I contemplate on issues, challenges that plague our society and our nation. I constantly think and believe that I am just one novel idea away from making a change. However, before doing so, I must change myself.

When I am alone, I relax, read, and often think what I could have done better in my life. I am confident to achieve my goals in life. Therefore, each day in my life is worth counting.

How Do I motivate myself: Singing, remembering the background tune from my favourite film: Ghayal (Wounded) and reading amazing stories of people who have made it big in life.

Note: The purpose of the blog is to show a panoramic view on life. Days comprises of our life. Therefore, each day in our lives comes with variety- work, friends, and family.

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