Report Writing

A report is a presentation of facts and findings, usually as a basis for
recommendations; written for a specific readership, and probably intended to be kept as a record. When some people write a report, that’s all they do: write. But the really successful writers only spend part of their time doing this, and then only towards the end. Before
that, they are planning their report – thinking about its purpose, and who is going to read it; deciding what to put in it, and fitting it into shape. And even when they’re finally writing it, they’ll probably spend just as much time thinking about how best to present their ideas, as actually putting them onto paper. This guide draws on the experience of such writers, and describes their step-by-step approach, the six stages being:
·  Purpose and reader
·  Materials and structure
·  Style and presentation

The guide has been devised for you to use as a memory aid once you are back at your desk, and working on your next report. We hope that you’ll find it helpful, and that you – and your readers – will benefit.

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