Consulting Group Expands, Deepens Services with New Partnerships

Adam Charles Consulting offers complete user assistance solutions for development managers and technical writing groups of all kinds. Collectively, Adam Charles consultants have served clients from Adobe Systems to Xerox, in the federal, automotive, aerospace, and software sectors.

The group is happy to announce new partnerships: Jack DeLand, Jacquie Samuels, Mark Baker and Laurie Kalmanson have joined forces (

  • Jack DeLand is well-known for his help system projects, and has now branched out into Agile tech writing/change management consulting and training. He is a Certified Scrum Master.
  • Jacquie Samuels is a recognized expert in the DITA and content management fields, and popular speaker.
  • Mark Baker is known for his Every Page Is Page One philosophy, and structured writing and publishing projects.
  • Laurie Kalmanson is a user experience/information architecture guru, and has helped clients from Fortune 500s down to small groups.

For more information, contact: Jack DeLand, 734.972.3026 or jackd [at]


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