If you have not considered a wiki for technical writing before, now is the right time to have a look:

Hi Everybody,

As this is my first blog post on TW World, I’m very happy that it is on such a nice event.

Some of you might know K15t Software, the Company I’m working at. At K15t Software we strongly believe in the idea of wiki-based documentation. This means covering the whole documentation development life cycle with a wiki. 

On Thursday 08.02. we have officially released our latest add-on for the well known Atlassian enterprise wiki Confluence: Scroll Versions.

What does it do? Scroll Versions adds a whole bunch of features to your Confluence wiki, that are indispensable for technical writers or any other authors of documentation and online help:

  • Concurrent Version Management
  • Duplicate Page Titles (!!)
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Enhanced Content Reuse
  • and more

To check out all of the features, visit Sarah Maddox blog post, the release announcement on our blog or the documentation of Scroll Versions.

Let me know what you think about it. Does Scroll Versions make the Confluence wiki a more considerable tool for technical writing for you?

Cheers, Johannes

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